Umzug für neuen Job wird immer selbstverständlicher
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Moving for a new job is becoming more and more natural

Would you change the center of your life for a new job, move to a new city or even a new country? 55 percent of German specialists and managers have already done this, according to a study by the online job platform Stepstone . 25 percent said they had moved once due to work, 14 percent did it twice and 16 percent even at least three times, as the graphic below from our cooperation partner Statista shows. Most not only move to the next city – the most frequent distance for professional relocation is between 301 and 1,000 kilometers, with 34 percent of those surveyed. For 28 percent, it was 101 to 300 kilometers. Eight percent of those surveyed apply more than 1,000 kilometers between two places of residence. According to the study, the most important motivation for a job-related move is a higher salary by far. For four out of ten skilled workers, a salary jump of at least 16 percent is a prerequisite, a further 37 percent only consider changing their place of residence from a salary increase of 25 percent.

The younger you are, the more ready you are to move

47 percent of those surveyed can also imagine a job-related move in the future – for 27 percent, however, their willingness depends on the attractiveness of the location . “Our mobility report shows that Germany’s major cities are suitable for skilled workers from almost all regions. Hamburg leads the ranking of the most popular places to work, followed by Munich and Berlin, “says Anastasia Hermann , Head of Research at Stepstone . “Even neighboring countries, especially Switzerland, are attractive relocation destinations if there are suitable job offers.” At least 13 percent of all respondents are open to employment abroad. A comparison of the occupational groups shows that Scientists, doctors and engineers are particularly flexible – probably also because they often have to be because of their high degree of specialization. By contrast, the number of those who are location-bound is greatest among nurses. The analysis also shows how age influences job mobility : While only 29 percent of the under 30 year olds are location-bound, the proportion rises to 44 percent among the 41 to 50 year olds. “It is advisable for recruiting companies to analyze exactly what life situation potential candidates are in, in order to then address them with target group-specific information,” says Hermann. “For candidates between the ages of 30 and 40, for example, family-oriented offers and support in finding a job for the partner are very attractive. Employers who already provide information about such services in the job advertisement can potentially compensate for a disadvantage in terms of location. “

Umzug für neuen Job wird immer selbstverständlicher Moving for a new job is becoming more and more a matter of course

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